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61-71 Dodge D100 Front Suspension | Double Adjustable, Drop Spindle

SKU: 52615-D600

Adjustability : Double Adjustable
Amount of Drop : 5-6 Inches


Easily update your classic 2WD Dodge truck with a bolt-in suspension system featuring coil-over shocks and rack-and-pinion steering. This kit instantly transforms the old-school feel of leaf springs and a straight axle to greatly enhance the truck’s performance. You'll gain late-model drivability and the perfect lowered stance.


QA1 coilovers make it easy to achieve our ideal look while tuning ride characteristics to meet your unique needs. Choose from kits that offer 3-4” of drop or 5-6” of drop to lower the front of your truck while gaining much better geometry.


Kits come complete with everything you need to bolt in the system: 

  • Front crossmember
  • Tubular control arms
  • Steering rack
  • Spindles
  • Ball joints
  • Inner/outer tie rods
  • All necessary installation hardware


The kit can be bolted in with simple hand tools. It does not require any cutting, welding or the use of a lift. Installation can be completed without removing the inner fender aprons.

Choose from single- or double-adjustable coil-overs to meet your performance goals.

  • Single-adjustable shocks are recommended for trucks that will be used primarily on the street
  • Double-adjustable coil-overs are recommended for trucks that will consistently be used for drag racing, autocross or road racing


Kits can be paired with QA1’s optional front sway bar to further refine cornering capabilities.


QA1 systems are made in the USA at our Lakeville, MN facility. Shocks included in the kit are eligible for an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty. Register them prior to installation.

1961-1971 Dodge D100, Front Suspension, Double Adjustable, Drop Spindle, QA1

SKU: 52615-D600
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