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Rear HQ Series shock kit for 1988-1998 Chevy/GMC C1500, 2WD.  A 4″/6″ drop gives these trucks a really nice stance, however shock length and angle must be corrected to maintain appropriate compression travel and dampening.   New lower mounting brackets are included to correct the shock angle while still allowing 8″ of suspension travel.       

Shock absorbers are without a doubt the brains of your suspension. Nothing influences how your car rides and handles more than its shock absorbers. Their primary function is to control the oscillations of your car’s springs thereby keeping your tires in contact with the road.  To best accomplish that objective, RideTech shock absorbers utilize monotube design which allows for a larger piston and more precise valving.  The design is superior to twin tubes shocks with respect to damping and reliability.  These HQ Series Shocks are rebound adjustable shock absorbers and offer exceptional quality thanks to impact-forged, hard-anodized bodies and heavy-duty shafts. They carry an industry-best 1,000,001 mile warranty. 


Fitment of this rear kit shock includes: 

  • 1988-1988 Chevy & GMC C1500 with 6″ drop  (2WD)


Compressed – 13.15″
Ride Height – 17.5″
Extended – 20.7″

Wide T-Bar – 2.312″ to 2.875″ Center to Center



CHEVROLETC15001988 - 1998
GMCC15001988 - 1998

1988-1998 C1500, Rear 6" Drop Rear HQ Series Shock Kit, Ridetech 11379510

SKU: 11379510
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