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"The MAX" - Moser Engineering 44 and 60 Front Performance Axles are manufactured from aircraft quality 4140 American Made Metals. Our "MAX" Axles are thru-hardened throughout the entire shaft for superior strength, and finished by oil quenching and tempering each individual axle shaft. Made to withstand the rigorous demands of Trail-Busters, Rock-Crawlers, and Off-Road Racers alike, "The MAX" Front Performance Axles added material in the yoke area reinforcing the shafts in critical stress-sensitive points. Even with this reinforced yoke area, "The MAX" Front Performance Axles are able to rotate up to a 43° turn radius. Upgrade & the next generation of off-road performance front axles - "The MAX"!

*The maximium length we can produce is 39" from centerline of u-joint to end of spline.

Moser Engineering Dana 60 Custom 4140 Outer Axle Shaft

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