Hotchkis Sport Suspension 2281R 1978-1988 GM G-Body Extreme Sport Rear Sway Bar. The Hotchkis Extreme Sport Rear Sway Bar for your 78-88 GM G-Body is designed to eliminate the hard mounted factory design rear bar allowing for better rear suspension articulation in extreme usage vehicles. This system allows the rear sway bar to slightly pivot reducing fatigue and stress placed on the sway bar in the factory design. Handling and traction are dramatically improved while the adjustable design allows for tunability for specific car set ups. This system is highly recommended for high horsepower cars or any GM G-Body owner looking for improvements in handling and traction. Specs: 1-1/4 in. Tubular Bar w two stiffness settings. Includes axle mounts Stainless u-bolts greasable bushings and end links. Interested in finding out the difference between the 2201R and the 2281R Extreme Sway Bars? Visit our GM A-Body FAQ at

Hotchkis 78-87 G-Body Extreme Sport Rear Sway Bar