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Part Number: S5270


Sold in Pairs 


GM Rear Shock

1982-2002 Camaro
1982-2002 Firebird


Single Adjustable Aluminum Shock

Soft Settings
For Drag Racing
Allows more downward force applied to the rear tires

Medium Settings
For Performance Street
Enhances handling & cornering characteristics

Stiff Settings
For Road Racing
Provides very aggressive control over body roll

Rotating Knob Clockwise Stiffens Valving

Dimension A
Extended 18.72″ / Compressed 12.21″

• Lightweight aluminum body
• 10 extension settings
• Provides a wide range of control
• Easily accessible external adjustment knob
• Allows quick changes for varying conditions
• Custom valving available upon request
• Ability to be rebuilt or revalved

– Upper stud with rubber cushions
– Concave washers & lock nut
– Lower polyurethane bushing
– Steel inner sleeve

Strange 1982-2002 Camaro/Firebird Single Adjustable Rear Shock

SKU: S5270
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