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1959-1964 GM B-Body Bolt-In Housing - 3 Bar Chevy
Strange HD 9" Ford Housing
With Mounts, Ends, Fill, Drain, & Vent


Part Number: HF9GB59ME

Strange HD Ford 9″ Bolt-in Housing
No additional charge for custom width

1959-1964 GM B-Body
Caprice & Impala

Will Not Accept OEM Brakes


Center Housing – H1110:
• Constructed from .141″ mild steel
• Heavy duty .282″ thick face plate
• Internal gussets provide rigidity and support axle tubes
• Slots allow exceptional weld contact of housing to tubes


Fill & Drain:
• Facilitates fluid changes


• Mild steel
• 3″ OD x .250″ wall

Vent – H1112B:
• Prevents build-up of internal pressure
• Ensures sealing integrity


GM B-Body Mounts:
• Heavy duty upper control arm mounts
• Multiple lower control arm mounting holes
• Provides instant center adjustments
• Adjustable shock mounts provide up to 1.875″ of lowering capabilities *
• Enables stroke to remain the same as ride height is reduced

* Not Compatible with Factory Shock Bolts


Housing Ends:
• Forged steel
• Choice of Strange end


Professionally Welded:
• Jig welded to ensure proper alignment
• Exceptional weld quality


Pro Series Iron 9" Ford Center Section
With Treutrac Differential & 1350 Series Yoke


Pro Nodular Iron Case:
• 8-10% stronger material than factory nodular iron
• Critical areas heavily reinforced
• Chrome moly main caps
• Solid steel adjuster nuts


Daytona Pinion Support:
• Nodular iron
• Stronger than plain cast iron
• Larger bearings than OEM stock support


1959-1964 Impala/Caprice, Strange HD 9", Axles, Truetrac Center Section, Strange

SKU: 1959 1964 Truetrac Strange 9 in
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