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Rear Suspension Conversion for 63-72 C10 Trucks with Tubular Truck Arms

SKU: R210-170

Front / Rear : Rear
Adjustability : Double Adjustable
Spring Rate (lbs./in.) : 170


Product Description


QA1's C10 bolt-on rear suspension system is designed to convert trucks originally equipped with a coil-spring rear suspension to coil-overs. This system offers up to 6" of total drop and integrates adjustability into multiple areas so you can truly fine-tune the geometry to create the perfect performance after lowering. By converting the coil-spring rear suspension to adjustable coil-overs, the ride height for each corner can be altered for that perfect stance. From there, the tubular steel truck arms feature an integrated pinion angle adjustment, eliminating the need for angled shims and allowing the wheelbase to be set to exact specifications. The adjustable panhard bar keeps the rear centered for more predictable cornering, and the multiple mounting locations correct roll center geometry based on the amount of drop. The coil-overs are also relocated to the outside of the frame rail, closer to the wheel, for better cornering stability and allowing room for popular aftermarket rear-mounted fuel tanks. In addition to being easily bolted on, the entire rear system can be installed without needing to remove the bed of the truck.

1963-1972 C10, Rear Suspension Conversion with Tubular Truck Arms, QA1 R210-170

SKU: R210-170
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