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1967-1970 Ford Mustang Booster Conversion Kit (Disc/Drum)

  •     9” Black Mustang Booster w/ Firewall Plate
  •     1"  Bore Master Cylinder
  •     2227161 Casting Number with “Teardrop” Markings
  •     1/2-20" & 3/8-24" Ports on left Side only
  •     Adjustable Proportioning Valve 
  •     Includes Pre-bent Lines to Master Cylinder
  •     Built in Residual Valve for Rear Brakes
  •     Mounting Hardware
  •     Power Brake Disc/Drum Brake Pedal w/ Pedal Pad
  •     For automatics only


YearMakeModel1967FordMustangBase1967FordMustangBase Convertible1967FordMustangGrande1967FordMustangMach I1967FordMustangShelby1968FordMustangBase1968FordMustangBase Convertible1968FordMustangGrande1968FordMustangMach I1969FordMustangBase1969FordMustangBase Convertible1969FordMustangGrande1969FordMustangMach I1969FordMustangShelby1969FordMustangBoss 3021970FordMustangBase1970FordMustangBase Convertible1970FordMustangGrande1970FordMustangMach I1970FordMustangShelby1970FordMustangBoss 302

1967-1970 Mustang, Booster Conv. Kit & Adjustable Valve Auto Only, Disc/Drum

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