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Rear Suspension Conversion for 73-87 C10 Trucks

SKU: R130-170

Front / Rear : Rear
Adjustability : Single Adjustable Coil-overs
Spring Rate (lbs./in.) : 170
Rear Differential : Stock GM 10 Bolt Rear 


Product Description


With this all-new, engineered-from-scratch rear system, 1973-1987 C10 owners can add modern performance to a pickup that was designed for utility—all without removing the bed of the truck. QA1 engineered a unique bolt-in torque arm design that maximizes performance without the inherent binding issues of other 4-link systems. This provides superior control over suspension movement, resulting in a smooth ride and great handling characteristics. Dialing in the stance will be easy with the adjustable coil-over system – 4" to 7" of adjustment below stock can easily be achieved. Pair this rear system with QA1's front system to have ride height adjustability on all four corners, giving you that perfect level stance. Everything you need is included, all the way down to the hardware. All components included in these systems are proudly made in QA1's Lakeville, Minnesota facility. All QA1 shocks are 100% dyno tested and serialized.

1973-1987 C10, 10 Bolt Rear Coil-over Suspension Conversion, QA1 R130-170

SKU: R130-170
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