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1979-1993 Mustang Moser Engineering Hybrid Can Housing and Axle Package


  • Stock width or narrowed wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface
  • Ears and control arm brackets on housing
  • Rubber bushings in ears
  • Moser Engineering 9" Hybrid Housing
  • 3" tubes / 1/4" wall - seamless DOM
  • 31-35 spline Moser Engineering bolt-in style axles
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • 5 x 4 1/2" bolt pattern 
  • 1/2-20 Studs 
  • Torino ends, common 2 1/2" brake offset, 2.771" hub, and access holes
  • Raw or powder coated finish


Housing takes standard 9" center section.  Axle bearings are common Ford 88128 found at any part store. 


If you would like to narrow this rear, do a different powdercoat color, use a different bolt pattern, add adjustable coil over mounts to fit your suspension, hold the shipment at your local terminal, we can accommodate your needs. Reach out to us and we will get you a custom quote. 


You can expect a 2 day build time. Powdercoating ads about 1 week to production. 


Sales tax only applies to Indiana residents. 


Any questions, leave a note or contact us a 260-301-2424. 

1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang, 9" Hybrid Axle Package, Moser Engineering

  • Ford 9" housing with brackets

    Specify width and offset in Notes if custom or click stock

    Axles are 1541H

    Axles have 2.771" hub and access holes unless specified otherwise

    Housing comes with 1/4" think tubes, Torino ends, 2 1/2" brake offset


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