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1979-2004 Mustang Bolt-In Housing
Strange Engineering Ultra Fab 9" Housing With Mounts,
Housing Ends, Fill, Drain,Back Brace  & Vent Installed 


Part Number: HF9M86MEUF


Shown with optional powdercoat and backbrack. Contact us for a custom quote to fit your needs. 

Strange Engineering Ultra Fab Ford 9″ Bolt-In Housing
No additional charge for custom width


1979-2004 Mustang:
• For aftermarket upper control arms with rod ends
• OEM lower control locations with multiple height mounting holes
• Adjustable height shock mounts
• Factory .625″ pinion offset to passenger side


100XF Material:
• Extra high strength cold formed steel
• Utilized in top tier NASCAR housings
• Equivalent strength of chromoly
• Less prone to fatigue cracking than chromoly
• Highly ductile in the weld zone affected by heat
• Low carbon easily MIG or TIG welded


• Triangulated Rigid Design
• Constructed From .125″ material
• Heavy Duty .375″ Face Plate
• Internal Radial Gusset Plates
• Tube locations Slotted & Welded For 5″
• Clearance Provided For Cases With HD Main Caps
• Housing Will Accept 9″, 9 1/2″, or 10″ Development Gear Sets


Fill & Drain plug:
• Choice of Low Profile (Allen plug) or Standard fill (Screw cap) fill plug
• Facilitate fluid changes
• Allows for inspection of ring gear

Attn: Standard fill requires modification of trunk for clearance


Housing Tubing:
• DOM 1026 steel
• 3.250″ OD x .250″ wall thickness


• Prevents build-up of internal pressure
• Ensures sealing integrity


Multiple Upper Control Arm Mounting Holes:
• .750″ between holes
• Center hole is in factory location
• 1.665″ inner ear width
• Requires aftermarket arms with rod ends
• Racecraft® #327430 or equivalent


Multiple Lower Control Arm Mounting Holes:
• Provides additional chassis tuning abilities

Adjustable Shock Mounts
• 6 positions with .375″ increments
• 1.875″ of adjustment
• Allows ride height adjustments without affecting stroke


Housing Ends:
• Forged steel
• Choice of Strange end


Professionally Welded:
• Jig welded to ensure proper alignment
• Tubes internally & externally welded to housing
• Provides maximum support & rigidity


Alloy Axles are Optimized for Street & Track
Provides greater torsional strength while retaining flexibility



Alloy Axles 
• Forged from modified 1550 premium steel
• Majority of machining performed before heat treat
• Provides consistent material hardness
• Induction hardened to Rc 58-62
• Increases torsional strength while remaining ductile
• Finish machined after heat treat to ensure trueness
• Choice of bolt circle
• Forged in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

1979-2004 Mustang Bolt-In Strange Engineering Ultra Fab 9" Housing And Axle Pkg

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