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SKU: 52966 52967

Front / Rear : Both
Style : Drag Race
Upper / Lower : Both


QA1's GM 2.0 Control Arms provide increased positive caster compared to OE arms, are among the lightest arms available featuring lower unsprung weight and improved performance without sacrificing durability.  They include QA1's integrated ball joint design: stronger than OEM and rebuildable for tunability, providing long-term reliable service.  These arms feature billet cross shafts for reduced weight and durability for the long haul.  Double-sheer lower mounts are coil-over ready for a clean installation.  QA1 GM 2.0 Control Arms look incredible and use no unsightly additional adaptors!  Form meets function - these newly designed arms look and perform great and don't require painstaking restoring like factory stamped steel control arms.


Designed for the specific needs of Drag-Racing, these control arms are  perfect for looking for a bolt-in upgrade to their original suspension or worn and outdated tubular control arms.  Besides improving overall handling, ride quality and vehicle stance, these arms improve on factory suspension geometry and pave the way for planning additional upgrades like QA1 Pro-Coils and full suspension kits.  (Arms are not compatible with OE springs.  Must be used with a coil-over system.)

Sold in pairs. Utilize OE-style sway bar links (not included). Includes droop stops on uppers, bump stops on lowers, adjustable steering stops on lowers, and all required mounting hardware.

High strength, low alloy steel enables optimized thinner wall construction and results in overall lighter weight.


QA1's integrated low-maintenance ball joints feature integrated ball joint dust boots, are stronger than competing ball joints, give long-term service, and are rebuildable.  QA1 GM 2.0 Control Arms will work with either OE or drop spindles.  Increased positive caster design improves straight line stability.


GM 2.0 Drag Race Series control arms feature adjustable droop stops to enable the perfect front end rise for optimized launches and ultra-low friction composite bushings for bind-free movement and optimal weight transfer during launch. Aluminum cross shafts reduce overall weight.  These arms are suitable for both race and street duty. 

Compatible with all QA1 single adjustable, double adjustable, and MOD Series Pro Coil-Over style shocks.


Best-in-class strength in QA1's ball joint housing design in one of the lightest arms available for GM Street, Pro Touring, and Race vehicles.


Lighter than factory and most aftermarket versions: Uppers are less than 7 lbs. per arm, lowers are less than 9-3/4 lbs. per arm.


Mounts in OE location with no cutting, fabricating, or welding required.

Accommodates either factory or aftermarket disc brakes

1982-2004 S10, Drag Race, Upper & Lower Control Arms, QA1 52966 52967

SKU: S10 52966 52967
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