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Air Suspension System for 1999-2006 Silverado & Sierra 1500 2WD.  (2007 Classic).  Includes front & rear HQ Series Shockwaves, front upper & lower StrongArms, Bolt-On 4 Link, drop spindles, and front sway bar.  

  • Offers a ride height that is approximately 4″ lower than stock in the front and 6″ in the rear.   Fully deflated will net an additional 3″ drop.
  • HQ Series Shockwaves utilize an impact forged aluminum body and Monotube design to deliver excellent ride quality and handling.  They are rebound adjustable and come standard with a 1,000,0001 Mile Warranty. 
  • Upper StrongArms feature corrected ball joint angles for the lowered ride height and the length has been altered to create more camber adjustment.  Injection-molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction.   
  • Lower StrongArms feature a double sheer lower shock mount for increased strength.  We have also dropped the lower shock mount to increase suspension travel and altered the length to create more camber adjustment.  Injection-molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction.    
  • Front MuscleBar is included to reduce body roll and includes the PosiLink and links that provide immediate engagement between the chassis and control arms. 
  • Drop Spindles are used to all the use of a longer stroke shock and improve suspension geometry and bump-steer.  Fits 17″ or larger wheels.    
  • Bolt-On 4-Link greatly improves traction, handling and ride quality.  Installation does not require any welding or major modifications to the bed floor.  Includes patent-pending R-Joint rod ends to eliminate binding and noise.
    • Includes patent-pending R-Joint rod ends to eliminate binding and noise.
    • Optimized anti-squat, roll center, and pinion angle migration for dramatic improvements in handling and traction.
    • Bolt-on C-Notch reinforces OEM frame rails and features integrated suspension mounts. 
    • Designed for simple installation with minimal OEM rivet removal. 
    • Compatible with all cab size and bed length configurations

             NOTE *** To complete this Air Suspension system please choose from one of our Compressor Systems 

             NOTE *** Designed to fit 2wd trucks with independent front suspension.


  •  TQ Series ShockWaves- The remote reservoir triple adjustable air ride shock and air spring units feature rebound adjustment along with dual-stage (High Speed & Low Speed) compression adjustment.   High-speed adjustment allows tuning for impact harshness and low-speed adjustment allows tuning of cornering characteristics, perfect for use on the autocross, road course, and drag strip.

1999-2006 Silverado | Front and Rear Air Suspension, Ridetech 11380297

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