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  • Sway bar kit designed for increased handling and performance on 2005-2012 Mustang GT coupe
  • Best when used with M-18000-A dampers and M-5300-K springs (1.5" Drop), or M-5300-P springs (1.0" Drop)
  • Includes all mouting hardware
  • Note: Some factory fasteners are one time use. Please reference a Ford service manual for reuse information and correct torque specifications.


These Ford Racing anti-sway bars are designed to reduce body roll and improve overall handling and cornering. They are manufactured from high-quality materials and are custom-fit for your specific vehicle. Ford Racing anti-sway bars tighten up your suspension, offering much-improved handling and performance while cornering.

  • Increases Handling And Performance
  • Incl. All Mounting Hardware

2005-2014 Mustang GT, Sway Bar Kit, Ford Performance

SKU: M-5490-A
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