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9.75in S60 Independent Rear End 2010 – 2015 Camaro.

Is your 5th Gen Camaro ready for the next step in making it the most capable vehicle on the street or strip? Then you are ready for an upgrade to a 9.75-inch aluminum independent rear end from Strange Engineering.


The Strange 9.75in S60 Independent Rear End utilizes proven components- including the Strange 35-spline S-Trac (helical design) and Hy-Tuf axle shafts. Manufactured from lightweight 206-T4 aluminum, which provides exceptional strength and toughness at a reduced weight.

Strange designed the 9.75” unit with a radial design for both the main unit and the support cover, which provides outstanding strength and increased rigidity. Aircraft grade 2024-T351 billet aluminum main caps and steel adjuster nuts for easy and precise gear set-up. The main caps are further supported by the cover, increasing strength and decreasing deflection. The S60 Independent Rear is coated with black Enduraguard™ to maintain a clean finish.


2010 9.75 in S60 Independent Camaro Rear End
2011 9.75 in S60 Independent Camaro Rear End
2012 9.75 in S60 Independent Camaro Rear End
2013 9.75 in S60 Independent Camaro Rear End
2014 9.75 in S60 Independent Camaro Rear End
2015 9.75 in S60 Independent Camaro Rear End


2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro Independent Rear End
Equipped with V8 engine

Custom driveshaft
Aftermarket axle half shafts

Gear Ratios Available
3.54 / 3.73 / 4.10 / 4.30


Housing & Cover:
• 206-T4 aluminum
• Fins add rigidity and supplement cooling
• Cover offers additional support to main caps
• Fill and magnetic drain plug facilitate oil changes
• Black Enduraguard® coating for extensive surface protection


Main Caps & Adjuster Nuts:
• 2024-T351 billet aluminum main caps
• Solid steel adjuster nuts
• Maintains proper engagement of ring and pinion
• Allows for easy and precise gear set-up


Dana 60 Ring Gear:
• Large 9 3/4″ ring gear provides exceptional strength
• Greater efficiency than a Ford 9″ gear set


Helical Gear Differential:
• Extremely strong and dependable unit
• Offers smooth and progressive power transfer


1350 Series Yoke & U-Bolts:
• Accepts much larger u-joint than OEM
• Ability to handle greater torque loads


Hy-Tuf 35 Spline Stub Axles:
• Drag race material and heat treat
• Provides the ultimate in torsional strength


Utilizes Dana 60 Components:
• Proven for their strength and durability
• Maintenance parts are easily accessible


Polyurethane Bushing Kit:
• Completes seamless installation
• Also accepts factory and aftermarket bushings


Accepts GForce Engineering & Driveshaft Shop Half Shafts
Contact companies above for specific details


6-8 Week Build Times. If You Need A Quicker Turn Around Time Give Us A Call @ 260-301-2424



The G-Force option above is compatible with part numbers cam10105B or cam10110B. These G-Force axles are to be used with the short shaft version from Strange. 

2010-2015 Camaro Independent Rear End Strange S60 Bolt-In Assembly

SKU: H1400
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