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SKF - Big Ford & Olds Pontiac Sealed Ball Bearing

Bearing O.D: 3.150"
Bearing I.D: 1.531"
Manufacturing #: 88128RA, 514003, 9508M

(2) Bearings & (2) Press Rings

*Requires Inner Housing Seal for Moser Housing Ends 
Part # 7S151
Chicago Rawhide Part # CR15141


Strange Engineering housing ends require o-ring style bearing. These will not seal unless you are using a tube seal. There is no prevision to accomodate an inner housing seal. 


What to know more about ball bearings and tapered bearings? Check out our video discussing housing ends, specs, features, and applications for these bearings.

1 Piece Ball Bearing, 3.150" OD, 1.531" ID, Moser Engineering 9508M

SKU: 9508M
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