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Racing Brake Systems
Reduces line pressure





Part Number: B3369


Brake systems require different pressures between front and rear
To stop efficiently, all wheels should approach lock-up at the same time
When fronts lock-up first, steering becomes ineffective
If the rear do, the back end of the car will want to swing around
By varying bias, the vehicles stopping ability can be optimized


This valve is plumbed into the line needing less pressure
Incoming pressure will be reduced to outlet port based on knob adjustment
When operated fully open, it will still reduce some line pressure

In Drag race applications, it is normally placed in the front line
This is assuming that the vehicle has four wheel disc brakes
When using front disc and rear drum, it may need to be in the rear line


Aluminum Valve Body:
• Clear anodized for corrosion resistance
• Mounting holes on 1″ centers for 1/4″ bolts
• 57% maximum line pressure reduction
• 1/8″ NPT inlet and outlet ports
• Includes 3/16″ inverted flare x 1/8″ NPT adapters

B3369 - Adjustable Proportioning Valve, Strange Engineering

SKU: B3369
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