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Please Note: This Kit Will Not Work With G-body or Metric Cars.


Moser Economy Disc Brakes utilize a single piston GM El Dorado Caliper, 11.25" Rotor, and Mounting Brackets for 9" Ford Big Bearing Housing Ends. The kit comes with brackets that can be utilized for the Big Ford Old Style or the Big Ford New Style housing ends, as well as spacers to accommodate multiple brake offsets. Kits can be upgraded to include powder coated calipers, drilled & slotted zinc platted rotors, and the addition of caliper hoses and e-brake cables. 

It is recommended that you run 15" or larger wheels with this kit. The use of wheels smaller than 15" could result in fitment issues. 

Kits come with one pair of rotors, one pair of calipers, and one set of caliper brackets with enough spacers to accommodate both the Big Ford Old Style and Big Ford New Style housing ends and associated spacing for those ends.


Big Ford Economy Rear Disc Brake Kit - Parking Brake Kit

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