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1971-1976 GM B-Body Bolt-In Housing
Strange HD 9" Ford Housing
With Mounts, Ends, Fill, Drain, & Vent

Strange HD Ford 9″ Bolt-in Housing
No additional charge for custom width

1971-1976 GM B-Body
Caprice & Impala
(Except Station Wagons)

Will Not Accept OEM Brakes


Raw Finish


Center Housing: 

• Constructed from .141″ mild steel
• Heavy duty .282″ thick face plate
• Internal gussets provide rigidity and support axle tubes
• Slots allow exceptional weld contact of housing to tubes


Fill & Drain:
• Facilitates fluid changes


• Mild steel
• 3″ OD x .250″ wall
• Brake line tabs


• Prevents build-up of internal pressure
• Ensures sealing integrity


GM B-Body Mounts:
• Heavy duty upper control arm mounts
• Multiple lower control arm mounting holes
• Provides instant center adjustments


Housing Ends:
• Forged steel
• Choice of Strange end


Professionally Welded:
• Jig welded to ensure proper alignment
• Exceptional weld quality


Alloy Axles 
• Forged from modified 1550 premium steel
• Majority of machining performed before heat treat
• Provides consistent material hardness
• Induction hardened to Rc 58-62
• Increases torsional strength while remaining ductile
• Finish machined after heat treat to ensure trueness
• Choice of bolt circle
• Forged in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering


Complete Center Section Includes:
3.062″ Bore Pro Iron Case for 28 or 31 spline
8-10% stronger material than factory nodular iron
Critical areas heavily reinforced
Chrome moly main caps and solid steel adjuster nuts
Iron Daytona Pinion Support
Larger bearings and races than OEM stock support

Worm Gear Style 31 Spline Truetrac Differential

Choice of 3.00-6.50 Standard Gear

1350 Series Yoke with Dust Shield and U-bolts

Professionally Assembled
Timken® Bearings & Races

Drum Brake Kit:

11″ Drum Brake Kit for Late Big Ford Housing Ends


• 11″ x 2 1/2″ drums
• Complete backing plates assemblies



Fully Assembled 1971-1976 Impala, 9" Ford, Truetrac, Drum, Strange Engineering

SKU: 1971-1976 Impala Complete Rear End
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