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Strange 10" Steel Rotor - Left Hand Side
For Strange Aluminum Struts
Spindle Mount Wheels Requiring 1 1/2" Offset


Designed Specifically For Drag Racing


Strange Aluminum Struts
Using 2 or 3 Piece Spindle Mount Wheels


Fits Early L/W Front Hub Mount Brake Kits Produced Before 1980
These kits utilized single piston calipers with slider assemblies

Supplied in Strange Brake Kit




One Piece Forging
• Strong and rigid foundation
• Eliminates bolts that require maintenance


Slotted Design
• Reduces rotating weight
• Provides room for thermal expansion
• Increases air flow
• Reduces warpage




Rotor Section
10″ OD x .250″ thick
Discard at .215″


Hat Section
6.00″ OD x 5.760″ ID
.125″ thick face


Bolt holes
.375″ holes on 4 3/4″ BC
33/64″ holes on 4 1/2″ & 4 3/4″ BC


1.500″ – Measured from outside face of hat to inner pad surface


4 Lbs

10" Steel Rotors, Left and Right Hand Side, Strange B2781 B2780

SKU: B2781
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