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1955-1957 Chevrolet BelAir with spring notch INSIDE frame, inboard shocks. Works with frame rail pocket kit.


Designed by Race legend John Calvert. Bolt On traction system. Full pre-load adjustability, keeps axle from rotating/maintains pinion angle, improves 60′ times. Black powder coated for durability. Standard and Low Pro pivot plates available.

Specializing in leaf spring traction systems since 1995, the Calvert Racing Team knows what it takes to get your car hooking harder than ever. Designed by racers for racers, CalTracs boasts unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship; the competition is eliminated right off the starting line. The preload link is made with Chromoly, lightweight but strong, ensuring maximum leverage and minimum flex. ¾” Rod Ends have a radial static load capacity of over 14,000 pounds. Two-piece aluminum front spring eye bushings assembly keeps the front pivot squared and rigid. The rear mounts are made with 5/16” mild steel to withstand the correct torque on your u-bolts, keeping the rear end from moving.

NOTE: Your final product may vary from photo depending on your application. Some applications require additional hardware. U-bolts NOT included in the kit but are available if desired.






Complete set includes: 2 Rear Mounts (may differ from photos depending on your application), set of 4 Pivot Plates, set of 4 Heim Joints/Rod Ends,  2 Force Transfer Links, and required hardware.

Please note that this kit was designed to use your  Leafsprings and U-Bolts. U-Bolt sets and specially design CalTracs Wrenches are available separately in CalTracs Replacement Parts or Parts & Accessories.


1955-1957 Chevy, Caltrac Traction Bars w/ Spring Notch Inside Frame Rail, 2103

SKU: 2103
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