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1955-1957 Chevrolet BelAir


Stock Ride Height


NOTE: Please note on your order if you have a transbrake, footbrake, or manual transmission/stick shift. 


Collapsed Length: 15.5″, Extended Length: 24″, Approx. Ride Height: 17.5″ *

* Approximate lengths. Please note that Racing Shocks require different collapsed/extended lengths than stock/street shocks.


Calvert Racing’s CR Series 9-Way Adjustable Rear Shocks twin tube design has what you need for all around best performance and maximum consistency. The dampeners allow you to control rear body separation through an external dial to keep the tires planted.

Constructed of steel with heavy duty 5/8 shaft ensures durability in the most stressful conditions, the 9-Way Adjustable dial is located outside the body for easy access to adjust rebound and to control rear body separation. Great for street/strip use.


1955-1957 Chevy, CR Series Rear Shocks, 9 Way Adjustable, Calvert Racing CR42150

SKU: CR42150
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