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This Air Suspension System is specifically designed to fit the 1970-1981 Camaro and Firebird. This system will give you the ability to achieve that ultra-low show stance and includes several components that will dramatically improve the suspension geometry to give your old muscle car modern drivability.     


  • Upper StrongArms feature corrected ball joint angles for the tall spindles. The upper ball joint have been moved back to allow for additional caster setting to improve high-speed stability and steering feel.  Injection-molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction.    
  • Lower StrongArms feature a double sheer lower mount for increased strength. We have also dropped the lower shock mount to increase suspension travel and moved the lower ball joint forward to increase caster settings while keeping the wheel centered in the wheel opening. Injection-molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction. 
  • TruTurn was added to this kit that includes tall spindles, steering arms, tall inner tie rods, billet tie rod adjusters, inner rods and a centerlink.    They work together to provide minimized bumpsteer and improve camber gain.
  • HQ Series Shockwaves utilize an impact forged aluminum body and Monotube design to deliver excellent ride quality and handling. They allow fine-tuning of the ride quality and handling the rebound knob is located at the top of the shock for under hood access. They come standard with a 1,000,0001 Mile Warranty. Interested in AutoCross or Road Course Racing?  Consider the TQ Series CoilOvers which add remote reservoirs with high and low speed compression adjustments. 
  • Front MucleBar helps reduce body roll.  It includes the PosiLink endlinks that provide immediate engagement between the chassis and control arms.  The frame bushings include a Delrin liner to eliminate stiction. 
  • Bolt-On 4 Link greatly improves traction, handling, and ride quality.  The design delivers exceptional performance with minimal cutting and almost no welding required. Equally important, the unique design addresses production variations and frame rail thickness issues that are common to the second-generation F-Body platform. RideTech developed an innovative “unicradle” design that is significant in two ways. Lateral tubes index off of the leaf spring mounting points rather than the frame rails. A separate steel brace bolts to the inside of the rear bulkhead area (in the cockpit) behind the seat to locate the forward mounting points of the upper link bars.  The R-Joint rod ends combine the best qualities of low friction movement, lateral stability, full range articulation, and quiet operation into one special bearing that is as home on the street as it is on the racetrack! 


*** Control system not included.  To complete this Air Suspension system please choose from one of our Compressor Systems. 



  • This spindle is designed for use with 1967-1969 Camaro brakes systems. 
  • Fits 15″ to 17″ wheels with a maximum 4.5″ backspacing
  • Fits up to 18″ x 10″ wheels with 6″ backspacing.   
  • The exact wheel sizes needed on your car may vary, you must measure your car with the suspension and brakes installed.  
  • Compatible with mini-tubs. 


Ridetech 70-81 Camaro and Firebird Air Suspension System

  • 1 x rid11173001 Ridetech 70-81 Camaro and Firebird HQ Series Front Shockwaves Pair use w/ Ridetech Lower Arms
  • 1 x rid21150701 Ridetech HQ Series Rear ShockWaves 5in Travel 4in dia Rolling Sleeve .625 Bearing/.625 Bearing
  • 1 x rid11179599 Ridetech 70-81 Camaro & Firebird Front TruTurn System
  • 1 x rid11177150 Ridetech 70-81 Camaro and Firebird Bolt-On 4-Link System use with CoilOvers or Shockwaves
  • 1 x rid11179120 Ridetech 70-81 Camaro and Firebird Front MuscleBar


rid 11173011

1970-1981 Camaro, Firebird, Complete Air Suspension System, Ridetech 11170297

SKU: 11170297
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