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Looking for the newly released QA1 Donk Suspension? 


  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Bolt On Components
  • Adjustable Valving to Dial in Ride and Handling
  • Stronger Control Arms
  • Adjustable Rear Control Arms to Recenter Rear Axle
  • Coilover Performance


Fit up to 28” wheels on your Caprice or Impala with a complete bolt-in suspension system, including control arms and sway bars. It has everything you need to get your Donk sitting right while giving you maximum performance with QA1 MOD Series shocks.


MOD Series Coil-Overs


Get the perfect look by easily adjusting your ride height with front and rear coil-overs. Raise or lower your car 2” in the front. Raise it up to 2" or lower it by up to 3" in the rear. Dial in the exact style you want in minutes with the included spanner wrench. Get maximum shock tunability with low and low speed valving adjustability. Perfect for the street or drag racing, MOD Series shocks are the ultimate option to get the most out of your car.


Adjustable Upper and Lower Trailing Arms


Get your wheel and tire package to fit with adjustable trailing arms that center your rear axle in the wheel well. This gives you more clearance for up to 28” wheels.


Tubular Control Arms


Upgrade your front-end geometry for better drivability. These arms are designed specifically for big wheel cars with corrected suspension angles for large wheels and tires. They much are lighter and stronger than stock to get the most out of your car.


Tubular Sway Bars


Reduce body roll and improve stability with front and rear sway bars. They help reduce handling issues that come from big wheels and raised ride heights.  


Easy, Bolt-In Installation


Parts come powder coated and ready to install with all necessary hardware. You can bolt up the kit right in your garage or work with your local shop.


Fitment Notes


  • Kits work with factory housings or Quick Performance 9” rear axles


Quick Performance Housing and Axle Package Available

1971-1976 Impala, Level 3, Big Wheel Kit, MOD Series, QA1 BW03-GMB4

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