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**This product will only work with Ridetech 4-Link suspension system**


Let’s face it… the most overlooked suspension component is also one of the most important. The magic you could be missing in your suspension may be nothing more than simply adding or upgrading your sway bar(s)!


The New MUSCLEbar™ sway bars were developed specifically for lowered vehicles and will greatly enhance the cornering performance of your car or truck. (Not to mention they’ll also make some vehicles safer at the speeds we travel on today’s interstate highways.)

Increased bar diameters, polyurethane bushings, and appropriate attachment links all add up to a sway bar package that is designed to work correctly with your lowered car or truck and your aggressive driving style.


This kit also includes Posi-Link end links.

  • Improves range of motion & eliminates binding
  • Strong design prevents deformation and failure
  • Positive transfer of motion through sway bar
  • OEM high-performance quality
  • Billet aluminum frame mounts, anodized black.
  • Low friction frame bushings allow easy and predictable rotation over the stiction of polyurethane or rubber.


Rate = 270
Diameter= 1.00″
Wall Thickness= .219″


1973-1987 C10, 4-Link Rear Sway Bar, Ridetech 11369102

SKU: 11369102
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