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Moser Engineering ASP2 Axle, Spool and Eliminator Package 


These Kits Will Fit Factory 10 Bolt 8.5 G-Body Rear Ends  


Attention: Will Not Work With 7.5 Rear Ends


 Fits 1978-1987


Eliminator Comes Pressed Onto The Axles.


Includes Moser Lightweight Full Spool, Custom Alloy Axles, C-Clip Eliminators (installed) and up to 5/8 studs. Available in 28 to 35 spline. Custom made for your brake setup, including your choice of bolt pattern. Custom lengths to match your specifications. 

1978-1987 G-Body, 10 Bolt 8.5, Axle, Spool and Eliminator Package, Moser

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