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HQ Series ShockWaves® mount in your 1999-2006 GM truck just like CoilOvers and deliver great ride quality and handling with adjustable air ride stance. RideTech’s patented, integral “shock-within-a-spring” air spring and shock absorber assembly is a proven winner at shows and in motion. 24-position rebound adjustment helps you fine tune the shocks to your driving preferences and vehicle demands. Advanced technology hides within the shocks. The monotube design features large 1.834″ pistons, heavy duty 5/8″ shafts, and impact-forged bodies. Since HQ Series ShockWaves® are built to perform and made to last, they are backed by RideTech’s exclusive 1,000,001 mile warranty. Shock calibrations and air spring specs are based on more than 20 years of extensive air ride development on the street, highways and race tracks. It all adds up to predictable handling that is comparable to CoilOvers but with instant ride height adjustment. You get the best of both worlds. This kit includes two front rebound adjustable HQ Series ShockWaves®. 



— This product requires RideTech StrongArms and drop spindles for proper Installation. 

— This product must be used in conjunction with an air compressor and control system.

1999-2006 GM Truck, Front HQ Shockwaves For StrongArms, Ridetech 11383001

SKU: 11383001
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