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StopTech Touring Big Brake Kits are the ultimate in 1-piece rotor brake upgrade systems and represent the best performance value in the StopTech lineup. They offer nearly the same performance as the StopTech Big Brake Kits and Trophy full race systems at a more affordable price point. Designed for street driven production vehicles, StopTech Touring Kits include forged 2-piece calipers, larger 1-piece rotors, StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines, StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads and application-specific caliper brackets. The stiff 2-piece, fully-forged calipers have designated piston sizes specific to each application and provide a firmer, more responsive brake pedal that provides better brake pedal modulation. Depending on the application, Touring Big Brake Kits are available in two-, four- and six-piston configurations and 5 different caliper colors that use a special high temperature paint to withstand extreme conditions. All StopTech Touring Big Brake Kits include stiff calipers that utilize silicone dust boots to extend service intervals. The larger 1-piece rotors, available in Power Slot slotted, or StopTech SportStop drilled and drilled/slotted finishes, provide greater heat capacity and reduced brake fade. Also assisting in fade resistance and higher performance are the StopTech Street Performance Pads which have a high maximum operating temperature, and high bite for responsive brakes that can be driven hard. *StopTech Calipers* * Fully forged and stiff for firmer brake pedal feel * Carefully engineered, 2-piece design reduces flex. The carbon steel caliper bolts running through both halves multiply strength by 3-fold. * Patented, removable center bridge further resists yaw * Carefully selected piston sizes for precise torque output *StopTech Brackets and Hardware* * Studs provide strength and durability rather than the more common bolts * Fully machined aluminum or steel for precision and strength * Application specific for precise and proper fitment * All necessary hardware for easy bolt-on installation *StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines* * Stainless steel braiding for lower compliance and extra protection * A variety of fittings for hundreds of applications * All necessary brackets and fasteners to finish the job * Provides quicker response * Firmer pedal feel * Better brake modulation *Power Slot and SportStop 1 Piece Rotors* * Direct replacement for factory brake rotor * Unique "short slot" and/or cross-drilling to aid heat and brake dust dispersal * Black e-coating for added protection from corrosion * Factory cooling vane design or directional vanes for improved cooling * Available with an optional Cryogenic treatment for added durability

2005-2014 Ford Mustang GT BBK Front ST-60 Red Calipers 1pc 355x32 Drilled Rotors

SKU: 82.330.6700.72
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