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Stocker Star Double Adjustable

SKU: TD708

Front / Rear : Rear
Adjustability : Double Adjustable
Compressed Length : 13.13
Extended Length : 20.50
Ride Height : 16.75
Lower Bushing ID : 3/4


QA1 offers stock mount aluminum adjustable shocks for fifth gen Mustangs. Double, single and non-adjustable valving allows for your choice of ride quality. With its smooth look, high performance handling and unbeatable price, you can't go wrong with a QA1 smooth body shocks. These lightweight billet aluminum smooth body shocks are made in the USA and offer easy, bolt-in installation. They are 100% dyno tested and serialized and serviceable and rebuildable by QA1 authorized service centers.

2011-2014 Mustang, Rear Stocker Star Double Adjustable, QA1 TD708

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