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RidePRO® 4-way analog leveling and compressor system with 5 gallon tank and dual compressor offers simple, affordable air suspension management for your car or truck. Features manual control switches and analog pressure gauges. Ideal for vehicles weighing 3500 lbs or more such as trucks. Includes aluminum tank, 2 Thomas air compressors, control panel with two dual needle air pressure gauges and 4 rocker switches that activate the RidePro® air valve block with 1/4″ solenoids. 

This analog compressor/leveling system can be upgraded to digital leveling system by replacing the analog switches with RidePRO-X leveling ECM package at a later date. 

5 Gallon Analog Air Ride Compressor Leveling System, Ridetech 30154100

SKU: 30154100
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