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The 8080LP 5/8"-18 Drive Stud Kit was designed for use in applications that require minimal clearance on the back side of the axle flange. An example would be when using a Wilwood Brake Kit with an internal parking brake or Ford 8.8" C-Clip Eliminators & the Moser L/P Eliminator and brake package.


Common kits used with these studs:

140-11389 (internal parking brake mechanism)

140-7140 (internal parking brake mechanism)

Kit includes:
10) 5/8"-18 x 3" Low Profile Drag Stud (80LP3)
10) 5/8" lug nuts (Part # 80ON)
10) Notched Sleeve (Part # 80NS)
10) 9/16" (thin) Aluminum Spacers (Part # 80BS)
1) Installation Tool (Part # 80IT)

8080LP - 5/8"-18 x 3" Low Profile Drive Stud Kit, Moser Engineering 8080LP

SKU: 8080LP
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