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The Original Eliminator! Our improved c-clip eliminator kit eliminates the factory c-clip retention and provides a safety hub with sealed, press-on bearings. Now with an extra internal seal to help prevent leakage. Fits factory axles with a 1.400" bearing journal.

*Modification of Eliminators or Drive Studs may be necessary when using 5/8" studs.

*This product is designed for Drag Racing ONLY!


These Eliminators are going to be common in:

1979-2004 7.5" & 8.8" Mustang, Capri & Fox Body - 1.400" bearing journal

Fox Body Mustangs with drum brakes - 1.400" bearing journal

SN95 Mustang (Caliper bracket requires modification)  - 1.400" bearing journal


Check your 4 bolt spread on the housing end against the measurements in the image: 

3.410" Across the Top Center to Center

1.680" Up and Down Center to Center

3.076" Across the Bottom Center to Center



9300 - C-Clip Eliminators for 1979-2004 7.5" & 8.8" Mustang, Capri & Fox Body

SKU: 9300
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