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SKU: MG455-08550

Front / Rear : Front
Adjustability : MOD Series
Spring Rate (rate/in) : 550


Convert your Corvette’s leaf spring suspension to QA1’s MOD Series coil-over shocks to maximize handling performance, suspension tunability and ride height adjustment for the perfect stance. These 4-way adjustable Corvette coil-overs are perfect for pushing your car to the limit at the track then setting the valving for comfortable street use.


Designed to meet the demands of top-tier pro touring and track cars that require more aggressive force curves, MOD Series shocks utilize modular valve packs. This allows you to change valving without removing the shocks from the car or exposing the shock oil to contamination.


  • Low-speed bleed adjustability helps you further refine weight transfer and low-speed valving characteristics in any conditions
  • Nitrogen-charged piggyback canister delivers optimal performance while fitting within the tight confines of stock Corvette geometry
  • Does not require the use of a to link relocation kit
  • Easy to install with basic hand tools using factory mounting locations


Adjust your car’s ride height to improve its handling, lower the center of gravity and corner balance your car for maximum performance. You can lower both base model cars (1” to 2” of drop) and Z06 models (.5” to 1.5” of drop).

Coil-overs are available with multiple spring rate options to help you find the perfect rate for your intended use.


  • Medium Springs: offer great street-ability for cars that will mostly be used on the road.
  • Firm Springs: geared toward track-oriented cars, further reducing body roll under hard cornering and providing a more planted feel.

C5 C6 Corvette MOD Series Front Coil-Overs - Medium, QA1 MG455-08550

SKU: MG455-08550
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