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Front Pair Springs 

Rear Pair Springs


Lowers 79-93 approx .5"-.875" and 94-04 .75"-1.125"

Black Finish 

Front and rear Springs V8 LX and GT Only

Front spring rates 425/530

Rear spring rates 200/300

Coupe or Convertible


Smoother Ride over Specific Rate Springs 

Improve handling 

Better looks with aftermarket wheels 

Firmer ride


These Ford Motorsport lowering spring kits are a must for that low "aero" look and improved handling. These kits come with revised-rate front and rear springs that lower the car and tighten up the handling.

Ford Racing 1979-2004 Mustang Front/Rear Spring Kits

SKU: turfrpM-5300-B
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