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These new spindles by React Suspension are going to change the way we lower 88-98 GM Trucks / 92-99 SUV's. We know how important it is to keep the stock track width on these trucks in order to run those popular 1-piece wheels, or for more wheel lip on your custom billets. With this new spindle, it is possible! This revolutionary spindle does NOT widen track width from stock, keeping your wheels tucked in where they belong.

Want big brakes? No problem!
The mounting tabs allow for big brakes to be easily installed, tailor-made for kits from Baer and Pro Performance. These spindles can also be used with stock brakes, just add the optional "Stock HD Brakes" caliper bracket above.

Note: Not all big brake kits fit. Call if you need further help with ensuring your existing big brake kit will work.

*"HD brake" refers to 1.25" thick rotors as found on 1992-98 half ton GM trucks and 1988-91 extended cabs. Typically, 1988-91 regular cab trucks have the light duty, 1.00" thick rotor (except 454SS trucks).

90-93 454SS Regular Cab
92-98 Regular Cab
88-98 Extended Cabs
92-99 Tahoe (2-Door / 4-Door)
92-99 Suburban (2-Door / 4-Door)

React Spindle: ZERO track width change
BellTech: 0.5" Wider PER Side
McGaughys: 0.25" Wider PER Side


ZERO track width change from factory
Accepts brakes upgrades from Baer and Pro Performance
Accepts factory ABS sensor
Can use stock brakes with the addition of the caliper bracket

Spindle Set in Black E-Coat

    REACT 2" MODULAR DROP SPINDLES - 88-98 C1500 / 92-99 SUV

    SKU: 8898-001
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