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This Remaster comes with lines and proportioning valve. 


This Remaster master cylinder features a small, compact, 1-piece body machined out of 6061 T6 billet aluminum with you choice of bore, ports and a 2-bolt mounting flange fitting many Ford and GM applications. The billet top is attached with 6 allen screws and has two large billet aluminum, knurled screw-on caps making for easy filling without spillage. The unique outlet port design allows for either inverted flare (w/included removable seats) or banjo style, straight fittings. The Remaster is compatible on most long and short, w/included bullet, boosters or manual brake applications.


6801262LP gray anodized,15/16" bore,left port
6801262RP gray anodized,15/16" bore,right port
6801272LP black anodized,15/16" bore,left port
6801272RP black anodized,15/16" bore,right port
6801238LP gray anodized,1" bore,left port
6801238RP gray anodized,1" bore,right port
6801273LP black anodized,1" bore,left port
6801273RP black anodized,1" bore,right port
6801266LP gray anodized,1-1/8" bore,left port
6801266RP gray anodized,1-1/8" bore,right port
6801274LP black anodized,1-1/8" bore,left port
6801274RP black anodized,1-1/8" bore,right port
6801297LP gray anodized,15/16" bore,left port
6801297RP gray anodized,15/16" bore,right port
6801298LP black anodized,15/16" bore,left port
6801298RP black anodized,15/16" bore,right port
6801300LP gray anodized,1" bore,left port
6801300RP gray anodized,1" bore,right port
6801301LP black anodized,1" bore,left port
6801301RP black anodized,1" bore,right port
6801303LP gray anodized,1-1/8" bore,left port
6801303RP gray anodized,1-1/8" bore,right port
6801304LP black anodized,1-1/8" bore,left port
6801304RP black anodized,1-1/8" bore,right port



Remaster Master Cylinder - 2 Hole GM/Ford - With Lines & Prop Valve, Baer Brakes

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