Already have your bags, air tank and compressor? We are offering this kit so you can hit some put some air to them bags. 


Fittings and gauge lines not included. 


2 Way RidePro Control Panel

SKU: 31192500

(electrical switches w/dual needle gauge)

2-way Analog control panel; use when using a 2-way system, one switch per bag.  Also uses wiring harness #31900035 and connects to a RidePro valve block.


2-Way Solenoid / Air Valve Block (Fittings not included) RidePro 1/4 Inch

SKU: 31932501

2-way RidePro valve designed to operate 2 airsprings (front or rear).  The valve has 4 actuators on top, 2 for inflate and 2 for deflate. This valve comes in our 30142000 compressor kit. The RidePro valve has 2- 1/4″ delivery ports, 2-1/8″ gauge ports, 2- 1/4″ supply ports, and 2- 1/4″ deflate ports.


Analog Control Panel Harness

SKU: 31900035

10′ Harness designed to plug into the electric switches on our RidePro control panels and also into a 2-way RidePro valve block.

If you are using a 4-way system, 2 of these are required.

Ridetech Control Panel, Valve Block, Harness Kit