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Get the most adjustability of tire hit and pinion angle out of your Fox Body or SN95 Mustang. This kit is made to length and allows you to fit a bigger tire under the car. The control arms are moved in toward teh frame rail to provide more room and a better launch. 


The Moser Engineering Super Fox Package designed for 1979-2004 Mustangs.

The Super Fox package is engineered for Fox-Body owners wanting to upgrade from the stock rear suspension while also allowing the possibility of installing a mini-tub for the rear wheel openings. It also allows for greatly increased suspension adjustment at the housing. The anti-roll bar allows the racer to pre-load the rear suspension for differing track conditions.

We typically default to Big Ford New Style Torino housing end with a 2 1/2" offset. Pro Flange has a 5.900" Flange OD. Hub for drag kits are typically 3.060".  This can be turned down to fit your rotor opening. Add brakes to your cart and we will make the rear fit them. If not, please let us know what you are going to be using for brakes. 


How to Measure Wheel to Wheel:


Any Questions, send us a message or just give us a call. 

1979-2004 Mustang, Super Fox, 40 Spline, 5/8 Studs, Gun Drilled, Pro Flange

SKU: superfox
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