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TY750 - Turbo 400 Chrome Moly (4140) Transmission Yoke (1350 series) - 32 Spline - Billet Removable Caps


Moser Engineering manufacturers the highest quality Forged Chrome Moly (4140 thru-hardened) transmission yokes.

This transmission yoke ships with all necessary hardware including u-bolts, nuts and lock washers.

Transmission Type: GM Turbo 400*, Muncie M22, 71-74 HD, Muncie 4spd, BW-DNE-Richmond, Super T10, Jerico, Lenco, Jeffco, Tex T10, Mid ValleyEng,  EMCO

UJoint: 1350 Series
Spline: 31 on 32 spacing
Spline Diameter: 1.375"
Seal Diameter: 1.882"
Material: Forged Chrome Moly (4140) Thru-Hardend
Measures: 5.5" from Center Line of U-Joint to End, 3.4375" from Back of Yoke to End.

*Not applicable with truck type transmission with tapped input shaft and o-ring seal!
*Removeable Billet Straps

Turbo 400 Transmission Yoke, 1350 Series, 32 Spline, Moser Engineering TY750

SKU: TY750
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