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Baer Brakes

Redbird Speed is currently offering:

  • Free shipping

  • No sales tax (excludes Indiana)

  • Contact us for the best rate

Don't see your Baer brake kit listed on our site? Call us. 

Why Baer Brakes?

  • USA Made Quality

  • Fit and Finish

  • Performance

  • Dust Seals in Calipers

  • Assembled Hubs

  • Turnaround Time

  • Customer Service

We've been dealing with Baer since 2009. We get the best quality, customer service, and performance from Baer compared to the competition.

Why Redbird Speed?

  • Knowledgeable Technicians

  • Availability 

  • Customer Service

  • Save Money

We will be available to you to call or message when you're installing your brakes on a Saturday afternoon. We are knowledgeable and can help you when you need it most. Did we mention we can save you a significant amount of money. Discounted price, free shipping, and no sales tax (excluding IN) can save you HUNDREDS! Call us to take advantage of this offer.

Redbird Speed offers complete Baer Brake kits for many muscle cars and trucks. We have kits ranging from single piston Classic calipers to 6 piston 15" Extreme kits. Kits include SS4 4 piston calipers, Trac4 4 piston calipers, PRO 6 piston calipers, Extreme 6 Piston calipers. 

Looking for a OEM style caliper? We have you covered. Need a light weight drag kit for some high horsepower racing? You got it! Need something for street and strip? We have a kit for you. Looking to autocross? Reduce fade with the Baer kit. We have many disc brake kits for applications including Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am, F-Body, Chevelle, A-Body, Cutlass, El Camino, Grand Prix, GS, GTO, LeMans, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Skylark, Tempest, Nova, X-Body, G-Body, Regal, 442, Hurst/Olds, T-Type, Grand National, Laguna, Sportwagon, Century, C10, Silverado, Sierra, OBS, S10, Blazer, Jimmy, Trail Blazer, 55-57 Chevy Tri 5, Bel Air, Nomad, Biscayne, Del Ray, Brookwood, Yeoman, Impala, Caprice, 1971-1976 LeSabre, Delta 88, Catalina, Bonneville, Grand Ville, Box Chevy, 1994-1996 Impala, Corvette, 2004-2006 GTO, 2008-2009 G8, 2004-2008 CTS, Mustang, Fox Body, SN95, S197, Mopar, Dart, Polara, Fury, Belvedere, Satellite, Coronet, Charger, GTX, Road Runner, Cordoba, Magnum, Valiant, Barracuda, Duster, Super Bird, B-Body, E-Body. 


Shop online, call today, shoot us an email, or reach out on "Let's Chat" if you have any questions. 

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